Introducing SmartCOP AVI

Introducing SmartCOP internet security with AVI - the best possible virus protection for your computer and network. Equipped with the revolutionary AVI technology, SmartCOP is a full generation ahead compared to any other product.

What is AVI?

AVI is a technology where all the computers on a network collaborate to isolate a virus source. This unique technology ensures that even if a virus enters your network through an unprotected computer, it does not infect other computers through open shared folders. To find out for yourself, conduct an experiment as explained in the sidebar. AVI is tightly integrated with SmartCOP ServerCentric, the central anti-virus administration and management console. This allows the administrator to locate and monitor infected computers over the entire network, from one central computer. Further action, like Remote Installation, Scanning and Updates distribution, can also be performed centrally.

Try this Experiment!!

Make a small network of say four to five computers. Now share their drives with full access such that all other computers can access all others files. Install your existing anti-virus in all but one computer, as shown below:

Computers with anti-virus

Computer without anti-virus

Now infect the unprotected computer with any mass infecter virus, like Nimda, Funlove, Lovgate etc. After one hour scan the computers with the anti-virus that you have installed. You will find a lot of infections that have got into the protected computers despite the presence of an anti-virus. Now repeat this experiment with SmartCOP internet security with AVI. You will see the power of SmartCOP and AVI. The virus will be stopped at the source thus protecting your computer as well as preventing your network from congestion.


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